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【Memory of the past 40 years】My special feeling at countryside during National Day holiday

Time:2018-11-05 15:35:00 Source: China Youth China Youth International

  In the past, citizens seek to go afar and see the world outside during holidays, but now nearby countryside is their new choice.

  Enjoying the fresh air and graceful surroundings in the countryside during holidays was a hard thing in the early years. Located in the mountainous region, most of the rural areas in Ganzhou, Jiangxi had no access to roads, networks, and even electricity. Although one of my relatives lived only 10 kilometers away from the town, it took him more than two hours to walk across the mountains from the town, burdened by large bags. Besides, humid and dark, the houses then were so small that two people had to squeeze into a bed. What depressed me most was that mobile phones had no signals and we were almost isolated from the outside world. The firefly-like electric lights merely allowed vague sight. Toilets and pig pens were built together, introducing countless mosquitoes. This is the village in most people’s memory.

  Fortunately, we are always keeping on moving forward.

  Since the 18th National Congress, the “three rural issues” have been favorably dealt with and the rural infrastructure has been continuously improved. As far as Jiangxi is concerned, village-to-village highways and cement roads for 25 natural villages have been available successively, followed by the rapid progress of renovation of old and dangerous adobe houses in rural areas and construction of new houses by way of subsidies. With the advancement of roads, new houses and networks, the gap between rural and urban areas is getting smaller and smaller, and the connection with the outside world is getting closer and closer.

  In the past, visiting relatives in the countryside required great determination and full preparation, but now we take leave without delay. The five-hour journey has been reduced to two hours thanks to the smooth, broad highways, provincial roads and rural cement roads. The old shabby houses surrounded by garbage and sewage are now replaced by rows of unique, clean new houses with glazed roof tiles and ceramic wall tiles.

  My relative said that his 50 acres of navel orange yields about 200,000 jin (1 jin=1/2 kilogram) of oranges a year, earning him about 200,000 yuan annually. What is completely different from the past is that when fertilizers and pesticides are needed, a phone call is enough. Fertilizing, insecticide spraying and weeding can be handled by part-timers. An online store is a magnet for merchants to enhance sales.

  During the National Day holiday, I travelled at my relative’s home again. Getting up early in the morning to climb nearby mountains, picking tea seeds at noon and cutting fish grass in the afternoon, I re-experienced the pleasure of farming and ate fresh farm dishes. Going to the countryside to breathe fresh air, enjoy green food, and relax and exercise will undoubtedly inject fun into the people living in the city for a long time.

  Nowadays, as the “three rural issues” are well processed and rural revitalization accelerated, spending holidays in the countryside has grown into a new choice and a new way of leisure for citizens.

Editor:Hou Qianqian
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