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How do country roads tell the changes in China’s rural areas

Time:2018-07-04 14:19:00 Source: China Youth China Youth International

  My childhood was spent in a small mountain village in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, during which I’ve deeply experienced the hardships in the countryside. Among them, travel counts the biggest one.
  I had to walk five or six miles to the central village during primary school time, and more than ten miles to the town during junior high school time. Winding and narrow, roads at that time were just long-stepped ridge roads and mountain roads. When you “climb” those roads, the roadside wild branches would “beat” you occasionally. Walking on the slippery roads during rainy days, you would frequently be treated with mud from head to foot; walking on icy roads during snowy days, you would be treated with unexpected falls. Without roads, agricultural products could only be carried by human shoulders, costing too much on transportation while sacrificing freshness due to slow delivery speed. Without roads, things inside were hard to get out, and the goods outside were difficult to get in, to a degree that building a new house costs more on transportation than on brick itself. All in all, inaccessible roads entailed production and income stagnation, thus poverty prevailed then.
  Rural areas have changed in all aspects after the reform and opening up, among which the biggest change came from the “road”. At the beginning, the original narrow paths in my village were turned into wider dirt roads, bumpy and pot-holed as they were, roads have after all came to us. Since the 18th National Congress, village roads have undergone rapid developments: all village roads have been covered with cement, and all have been hardened; cement roads have been widely expanded and entered village groups and even individual household yards. Driving from the city to the countryside, we could directly start at the door of one household yard and stop at the door of another. As flatness and convenience became common, we no longer had to consider for a long time whether to visit a relative, we could go at any moment if we want, buying local specialties and eating local meals became easy and convenient.
  According to the “Natural Village (25 households or more) Cement Road Construction Plan (2013-2020)” for Jiangxi Province, by 2016, 38 former Central Soviet Areas and extremely poor areas will complete construction of cement roads in natural villages (more than 25 households) in advance. By the end of 2020, more than 80,000 natural villages with a population of more than 25 households will all have access to cement roads. Now as most village groups have access to highways, and the rural road network extends in all directions, it’s much easier than before even to go to the most remote ravine.
  Rural roads have brought profound changes to people’s production and life there. Roads lead to wealth, and the channels for getting rich are thus wider and wider, promoting people’s senses of attainment and happiness.
  Roads entailed diversified agricultural products, and intensive, large-scale production. “One village, One Product” ecological industry opened the door to wealth, vegetables and fruits, poultry and livestock, tea and timber were sold towards everywhere. Roads introduced long and heavy cement poles and bulky transformers, and stable and unobstructed voltage allowed every household to use a variety of electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, ovens, bath heaters and fan heaters, diversifying and improving people’s life. Roads brought in broadband which strengthened mobile phone signals, and immediately afterwards, e-commerce, online sales and online shopping became here to stay, rendering agricultural products fly towards all directions, and agricultural materials and daily necessities villagers need come in from all directions. Roads also propelled exploitation of beautiful countryside resources and flourishment of country tour. The channels for farmers to get rich are getting wider and wider, their incomes are increasing year by year, and their lives are getting better and better.
  With roads built, money comes, people bind together, and country-city link deepens, rapidly promoting rural revitalization, and in a sense, improving people’s life. All above attributes to common people’s industriousness and intelligence, and the good policies of reform and opening up. Construction of rural paths, China Road and community of shared future for mankind requires us to march forward with the established goals firmly kept in mind. Living in the new era, we need to struggle together and work hard. We firmly believe that the people’s longing for a better life will be realized better and faster.

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