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Four speeches by Xi Jinping reveals his governance thought

Time:2016-03-05 17:08:00 Source: China Youth China Youth International

  On the afternoon of March 4th, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC), Chinese President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited members from China’s Democratic Construction Society and General Chamber of Commerce and joined their discussions. ( Picture from Xinhua News Agency)

  Chian Youth Beijing 5th March(Journalist Kaike, Lu Guanqiong)On 4th March, President Xi Jinpin attended the joint meeting of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference as scheduled. In 2013 President Xi Jinping took part in the joint meeting of the Association for Science and Technology and the science and technology circle. In 2014 Xi Jinping joined representatives from the ethnic minorities for discussions. Also in 2015 the president participated in talks with Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomindang,Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League and All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots. Following that, President Xi Jinping engaged in the conference with China National Democratic Construction Association and Association of Industry and Commerce on 4th March this year.

  Every year during the sessions of National People’s Congress(NPC) and the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference(CPPCC), the General Secretary of CPC attends the reviews of the NPC delegations as well as joint discussions among different sectors of the CPPCC, which is referred to the group that work together with parties of CPPCC. For many people,the group is the highlight of two annual sessions. According to Xidada+ workshop run by China Youth International, since 2013,the four visits by Xi Jinping to parties of CPPCC have enhanced our confidence with incentives for China’s growth. The country encourages and promotes independent innovation to boost technology development. The country is committed to ethnic solidarity and stability for prosperity of all ethnic groups in China. It is also stressed that the two sides across Taiwan Straits should work together and bring benefits for all to consolidate our resolve to achieve common development.It is also reiterated that the basic economic system in China has contributed more to private enterprises as the country seeks to fuel the economy.

  a blueprint for political-business development to fuel economic growth

  “Having learned speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have deeply felt that the central leadership has been attatching great importance to privately-run enterprises. We have full confidence in comprehensively deepening reform initiated by the central committee of the party with comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary. We believe that more dividends will be unleashed under the new normal to upgrade China’s economy. On the afternoon of 4th March, in the wake of joint meetings of China National Democratic Construction Association and Association of Industry and Commerce, Zhang Jindong, a member of CPPCC, said in an interview by Xidada+ workshop that private enterprises should be actively engaged in China’s economic transformation and contribute to its healthy development. Besides, these enterprises should boost economic upgrading and transformation and explore new ways for new growth model.

  At the conference, Xi Jinping pointed out that two principles must be pursued. He said that we must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector and encourage, support and guide the growth of non-public sector. President Xi Jinping emphasized three proposals to advance the private sector.

  Xi’s speeches have both boosted our confidence in China’s economy and warmed owners of private enterprises. Xi also stressed that all regions and departments should develop qualitative measures in a systematic way and relevant supporting approaches in a bid to ensure that policies that inspire, support and guide the expansion of the non-public sector are fully implemented.That means privately-run businesses will share more fruits of these policies.

  Cai Ling, a CPPCC memeber, said in an interview,“ General Secretary Xi Jinping discussed state affairs with us in a congenial atmosphere just like old friends.”In particular, General Secretary said that we must address the problem of last mile in implementing policies. To do that we should lower taxes and fees and effectively alleviate the burden on private businesses so that private enterprises will benefit a lot from the preferential policies.

  Additionally, at the conference Xi Jinping also defined the new type of politicao-business relationship as closeness and honesty. Closeness means government officials should be sincere and frank in engaging with individually-run enterprises to help them overcome real difficulties. Honesty requires government officials not to seek personal interests with power. Private entrepreneur should be true in bringing forth proposals and run their businesses in line with laws.

  Another CPPCC member Wang Wenbiao said,“What General Secretary said at the conference sent a very critical signal that the central committee is committed to unswervingly supporting the development of the non-public sector.” He also said,“ General Secretary wants the private sector to be part of poverty alleviation project with targeted measures and fulfill its social responsibility. Particularly, General Secretary talked about how to straight out the relationship between the political and business circles. He also said that we should restore the market as it is in fighting against corruption.We are confident with the government.”

  Bootst technological innovation

  In 2013 during discussing with the Association for Science and Technology and the science and technology circle, Xi Jinping stressed that China would be committed to an independent road for innovation with Chinese characteristics, deepen reform of the management system of science and technology and create a new scenario for national innovation and development so as to accelerate the shift from a large economy to an economic power. In 2015 China opened launched the scheme of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Innovation, on the top list of the five development concepts, was put into proposals for the Thirteenth five-year plan. Makers are making use of mass entrepreneurship and innovation to accelerate realizing their dreams.

  During the discussions Xi Jinping also emphasized that effective measures must be taken to make arrangements and explore boldly in key science fields in the future to speed up the transformation from element-driven development to innovation-driven development, in which science and technology innovation should play a leading role.

  In retrospect since 2013, innovation has been essential for the outstanding achievements in science and technology field. high speed railway, which has gone global, a symbol of China’s technology level, has been competitive in such promising markets as India, Brazil and Mexico. It is Premier Li Keqing, a super promoter,who has brought China’s high speed railway to many countries. An article from Russian Talin said, “ It has taken less than 10 years for China to mater and make new use of foreign technology. It has caught up with foreign high speed railway giants and ranked top across the world.”

  At Bradwell nuclear station in Britain, Hualong 1, the third-generation nuclear power technology independently developed by China, will be put into use. In November 2015, the domestically made C919 trunkliner came off assembly. These scientific and technological achievements are built on science and techonology innovation and is advancing China in innovation.

  Xidada+ workshop believes that Xi Jinping’s speech at the joint meeting of the Association for Science and Technology and the science and technology circle provided the whole society with more confidence. China needs to make innovation constantly and be committed to an independent innovation path.

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