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Alibaba's Ma self-depreciates by writing comic strips on Wei

Time:2015-07-07 14:42:00 Source: Xinhua China Youth International

  For a very long time, Jack Ma, the Chairman of Alibaba, has been mocked by his look. Some even say he has a similar face as an ET. Ma recently posted four figure pictures which netizens had been commenting that looked just like him on Weibo. He mocked himself with them and said: "Thought to give comic strips a little try — it is even harder than to be a chairman. Getting tired this time…but wait to be continued! Any more pictures?"

  1. Is Picasso's painting that good, or because the man he draws is just too good-looking?

  I noticed this Picasso's painting the first time I went to the Metropolitan Museum. I was never able to fully understand the unique angle this master took towards beauty until I saw this man in the painting. This is the master's view of aesthetics, I would not be surprised if this piece of work sells for zillions.

  2. I thought someone uploaded my childhood photo when I first saw this kid.

  Look how valiant he is, feels like I am looking into a mirror. But back then, I had a "brick" in my hand, left home in tidy clothes with 5 buttons, and came back with no more than 2 buttons.

  3. This did not scare away the audience, what else should I be afraid of?

  Right! Just be yourself! Only a true self can be a real happy one. People say there are all kinds of fish in the sea. But I say, when the fish is big enough, it can find any kind of sea it wants.

  4. I hope I can be just half as leisurely as this old man when I am old.

  Maybe someday, when I lose all my teeth, I can go back to my hometown: drink some wine, have a light meal, just spend all day looking at the sky, the flowers, the birds…

Editor:CAO Di
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