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Girls' male besties, a trend in gender relations   2011-11-25 16:56:00

It is widely received that girls share secrets with their best female friends, but the newly emerging “male besties” phenomenon has changed the whole picture of relationship status between the two sexes.


A recent survey showded that nearly 80 percent of females have their own “male besties”, talented gentlemen who make perfect bosom friends with women. And Kevin Tsai, a popular television show host from Taiwan, is considered the best model of women’s intimate friend.


The trend is an indicator that Chinese women are gradually gaining initiative in social life. Thanks to the rise of women’s education level, the awakening of gender equality, as well as the elevation of women’s social status, more and more females now dismiss the traditional notion that women are inferior to men.


According to psychologists, the popularity of male confidants also reflects women’s enhanced trust towards men. They are willing to have true friends of the opposite sex, who are generally more logical-minded and therefore can match perfectly with the sensibility of women.


Interestingly enough, despite the intimacy between women and their men besties, this type of relationship is less likely to evolve into a commitment. From a woman’s perspective, she may concern that if a male bestie becomes her boyfriend, she will lose a close friend; but she might lose it all should they break up.



source :     editor:: Ma Ting
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