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Michael Jackson's one-day trip in Chinese mainland   2009-06-30 16:50:00

When Michael Jackson's China fans are groaning that they will never see the King of Pop on their homeland, it is rarely known to the public the pop icon actually dropped by a tourist attraction once in Guangdong during his vacation in Hong Kong in 1987, according to a report by Guangdong-based Zhongshan Daily on Monday.


Michael Jackson's photoshoots with children during
his one-day China trip in Zhongshan of Guangdong,
Oct. 23, 1987.

Liu Guangzhi, Jackson's guide then, couldn't hold back his excitement speaking of the megastar's one-day visit of a guided trip in his hometown.

"I didn't know whom I was going to pick up until they gave me the tourists' name list. Michael Jackson's name was right there, the first on the list," Liu, 23 then, recalled.

"For most of his fans here, it's a pity he never visited Chinese mainland, but hardly have they known that he was here once 22 years ago," Liu added.

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