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Demi Moore wants a baby   2009-09-02 13:20:00


Demi Moore wants another baby.

The 46-year-old actress - who has three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis - insists she is not too old to raise another child and admits it is something she has discussed with her 31-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher.

When asked about expanding her family further, Demi said: "Why not? Everything is possible!

"We have so much to live for, and obviously one of them is to have a child. I'm very enthusiastic about all the possibilities that living together gives us.

"I'm an incurable optimist and a go-getter - it's in my nature to focus much more on what makes me happy than what makes me nervous."

Demi - who has been married to Ashton for four years - insists the age gap between her and her spouse has never been a problem as they are able to embrace their different outlooks on life while still finding common ground.

She explained to France's Marie Claire magazine: "What matters most for me is to have found someone for whom the age gap doesn't mean anything and most of all with whom I have an incredibly deep relationship.

"We're at different stages in our personal lives and in our careers. But we look at that as a positive thing because we are massively enriched by having different things to deal with and to share.

"And also I won't pretend that I'm not hugely happy to live with such a handsome man!'

"I've met a lot of 40 and 50-year-olds who were a lot more immature than him.

"Ashton is very responsible, and he was comfortable from the very beginning with the family responsibilities he had to take on.

"Most men aged 25 would not have been able to deal with it. I don't judge them, but I think Ashton is far more ahead of his time. We share everything. He's also my best friend."

source : China Daily/Agencies     editor:: Fu Qinghua
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