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China moves to boost auto exports   2009-11-12 13:21:00

China's six ministries have jointly released guidelines for accelerating auto product exports. According to the Ministry of Commerce, this is the first time that such guidelines have been issued on vehicle product exports.

The six ministries include the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The guidelines include auto products export strategy, expansion of home IPR and home-grown auto product exports, enhanced self-innovation capability, structural adjustment and improved export quality and growth profits.

Zhang Ji, Mach. & Elec. Director of Science & Technology Department, MOC said "The guidelines released by the six ministries are not emergency action. It's actually to direct our companies to change their growth manner and improve their self-innovation capabilities. It is an important measure to promote our auto products and achieve sustainable development for the medium-and-long term."

The guidelines clearly state the development targets as continued consolidation of low-and-middle-end auto markets among developing countries and to enter middle-and-low-end markets in developed countries. China will put greater effort toward supporting the export of home-grown brands.

Zhang Ji said "Starting from 2009, we are looking for three years of growth; to maintain 10 percent growth. Then, we spend another four years achieving rapid growth, hitting 85 billion US dollars in exports annually. Finally, in another five years we can bring our vehicle exports up to 10 percent of the world's total export volume."

Since the second half of last year and due to the global financial crisis the international auto market saw a severe shrink in demand. China's auto exports have experienced negative growth for 14 consecutive months since last August. Auto parts exports also suffered negative growth for 11 consecutive months. This ended 8 years of growth with an average 40 percent increase annually.

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