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The Girly Chinese Girl in Africa   2015-06-01 17:07:00

  Liu Hua's domitory.

  Many minority language graduates have to decide on whether working in other countries or not. The perfect working condition in the foreign country is sand beach and the delicious food. But there are a group of students who work in Africa. The journalist has interviewed several people, including the hard-hearted girl, the iron lady as well as the girly girl.

                                                                                                                                         The poor environmental condition of the construction sites is a challenge for girls.
  When the girly-girl missed her family, she sent a message through Wechat and deleted it.
  Liu Hua is a fresh graduate from the French department of Dalian University of foreign languages. Before she graduated, she had decided to be a translator in Africa. The reason is that students studying minority languages can hardly find a satisfied job in China. And she did not want to give his major up.
  "Before I come here, I thought that I would do the translation work only," she says, "but after being here, I find that I have different works to do." Sometimes, Liu was so busy that she had to work late until the 11 or 12 pm. She was upset at that time. Her family is far away in China and they have the jet lag, so it's inconvenient for her to call back home. When she extremely missed them, she wrote her mood in Weibo and Wechat Moments, but deleted them soon. Fortunately, she succeeds in overcoming all difficulties. The predecessors told her that the biggest problem is loneliness. Although she got some information about the situation in Africa before she came, it's still hard for her to accept it. They have no entertainment events except working around with male colleagues. If they want to go shopping, they have to drive to the big city.
  Trying to get involved in a new cultural environment and getting along with the locals are hard. However, when you meet the bottleneck, insist on and find a way to solve it. She never regrets her decision. Working in Africa for half a year makes her grow up.
  Recently, many students keep in touch with her to consult the work and life in Africa. To fresh graduates, all jobs have their own difficulties, but they can be overcome by insistence.

                                                                                                                                                                       The dinner prepared by Zhang Hao's wife.
  An engineer: my wife is my motivation.
  As an engineer, Zhang Hao has been in Africa for eight years. He says that thanks to this job, he met her wife in Africa. Zhang Hao, 30 years old, has a good wife and 2 years old baby. Sometimes the statistics make him exhausted, but his wife and kid deserve his hard-working.
  He thinks that compared to those lonely person working in Africa, he is fortune. Speaking of future, Zhang has his own plan. In order to give a better education and environment for his two-year-old kid, he decides to go back to China soon. He will continue to do the architecture work in China, and after the kid growing up, he may go back to Africa again.
  He has some advices for the lovers who will graduate. Being together means to consider more than single person. Fresh graduates have to handle a lot of difficulties, which needs the lovers to face together. Zhang says that his wife has a deep influence on his career. Without his wife's company, he may go back to China when his first contract expired.

source : 中国青年网     editor:: ZR
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