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What do you think of TIME 2011 Person of the Year?   2011-12-21 15:39:00


"No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in a public square, it would incite protests that would topple dictators and start a global wave of dissent. In 2011, protesters didn’t just voice their complaints; they changed the world. "

TIME's universal image of The Protester symbolizes the Middle Eastern protesters, African protesters, Mexican drug cartel protesters, Greek protesters, international Occupy movement protesters and Russian protesters that defined the revolutionary spirit of 2011.

The TIME Person of the Year has continued to be an annual hallmark since 1927, when Charles Lindbergh was the first person honored with the distinctive TIME magazine cover.
自1927年开始,“时代周刊年度人物”就成为每年的年度标志。史上的第一位也是最年轻的年度人物是1927年上榜的美国飞行员查尔斯·林德伯格(Charles Lindbergh),他也是荣登时代周刊杂志特别封面的第一人。

TIME conducted its annual poll last month, which offered a list of 34 candidates. The magazine's runners-up for 2011 Person of the Year are:

Admiral William McRaven, who organized the raid that took down Osama bin Laden.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican from Wisconsin who sounded the alarm on U.S. national debt.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, currently the wife of Prince William.

Why exactly did TIME select the global body of protesters as its 2011 Person of the Year? Because the protesters are "redefining people power."


source :     editor:: Zhang Yan
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