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Morocco overseas student Yali wants to write a novel about China   2015-03-27 14:27:00


   Yali is learning Chinese Kungfu.

  Yali, an overseas student from Rabat, Morocco, is the first Moroccan came to China through the Confucius Institute. Different from most overseas students in Shandong, she has a more profound understanding of China. She knows lots of China from Mo Yan and Literature to geography and religion.

  Having studied Chinese in Beijing International Studies University for three years, Yali decided to go her further study in China. "Choosing to study in Shandong Normal University is a destiny." she said. In 2011, when she was still studied in Beijing, Yali and her friends traveled to Jinan, where impressed her deeply with its peace and ease. Baotu Spring, Heihu Spring, Qianfo Mountain, Jiuru Mountain and so on, all make Jinan a city embraced by mountains and water, which is totally different from the hustle and bustle of many other metropolitans. In her eyes, Jinan, as the capital of Shandong province, such quiet and leisure need to be cherished.

  On the top of Qianfo Mountain, Yali was stopped by a staff of a temple and asked to draw a lot. Though she could not understand exactly what the staff said but she sensed that the lot showed a good omen through the impression on his face. Yali thought she was tightly bound to Jinan for some unknown reasons.

  Three years later, in 2013 Yali came to Jinan just as she had predicted. Currently she lead a peaceful life in Jinan, she can not only speak fluent Chinese but also has passed the HSK5-level exam. Yali loves to learn languages and the biggest motivation to study Chinese for her at the beginning was to challenge one of the most difficult languages.

  Yali has become an experienced China hand after years' study in China. Paper-cut, calligraphy and Chinese knotting, she has tried them all. She can use chopsticks skillfully and knows a lot about Chinese tea culture, white tea, green tea, red tea, Pu'er tea and jasmine tea, the most typical Chinese cultural elements are at her fingertips.

  Yali's parents are professors in universities and her father is a famous Arabic writer. Influenced by her father, Yali wishes to write a novel about China after she goes back home to record her study, life, experiences as well as Chinese food, culture and customs to introduce China to more Arabic countries.

  "My father hopes me to write something about Mo Yan", Yali said, "I have read the French edition of Mo Yan's work instead of the Chinese edition. My father wishes me to write about Mo Yan's work."

source :     editor:: CAO Di
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