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New York announces updated urban digital plan   2013-10-19 12:05:00

  NEW YORK, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- New York City on Friday released a report entitled "Digital Leadership: 2013 Roadmap," which serves as an update to the Big Apple's plan to build it into a global digital leader.

  With all of the 40 original initiatives achieved, the report identified new opportunities to build on current progress and exchange knowledge with other digitally focused cities around the world.

  New ideas included deploying more Wi-Fi hotspots in locations such as payphones, implementing infrastructure sensors, and providing continuing digital education and professional development for adults.

  It also included updates to 311 APPs, New York City's main source of government information and non-emergency services, and the expansion of the city's technology internship program to further increase diversity in the sector.

  "New York City's position as a leading digital city has been strengthened over the past few years with the successful implementation of the initiatives laid out in the Digital Roadmap, " said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "It's vital to our city's economy that we support and promote technology and help New Yorkers gain access to higher learning opportunities and jobs in this growing sector."

  Mayor Bloomberg first introduced the Digital Roadmap in May 2011, with a goal to realize the city's digital potential through 40 initiatives in infrastructure, education, open data, engagement and industry.

  Within less than three years, the roadmap has enabled 300,000 low-income residents to access the Internet, launched more than 40 digital learning programs, and served more than one million New Yorkers, and re-launched a groundbreaking government website, according to the mayor.

source : Xinhua     editor:: Liao Shuman
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