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Japanese PM says to follow Murayama's speech on history reflection   2013-05-15 16:46:00

  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said here Wednesday that he and his cabinet will follow the statement made by then Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama in 1995 on Japan's reflection and apologies to war-related history.

  Abe made the remark during a parliamentary committee session and said that he never denied Japan's invasion and colonial occupation, adding Japan deeply regrets having inflicted great damage and suffering on China and the Korean Peninsula.

  He said his cabinet will take the position and stance of the Murayama statement, which admits that Japan invaded and occupied other countries.

  The prime minister also said that Osaka Mayer Toru Hashimoto's improper comments on sexual slaves by women for Japanese soldiers during the World War II are totally different from his views.

  Abe, a well-known hawkish politician, said earlier that his cabinet would not necessarily adopt the statement in its entirety and denied there is an established definition on the word of " invasion".

  Abe's wrong words triggered strong opposition from China and South Korea and was questioned by its ally the United States.

  Analysts said that the stance change made by Abe aims at relieving the tensions between Japan and its neighboring countries and dispelling suspicion from the United States.

source : Xinhua     editor:: Ma Ting
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