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China rejects Japan's protest on Diaoyu patrol   2013-01-09 10:44:43

  BEIJING, Jan. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- China says that the recent patrols conducted by marine surveillance vessels in waters near the Diaoyu Islands constitutes "normal activity" exercising China’s jurisdiction over the islands.

  Hong Lei, Spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry, said, "The Chinese marine surveillance fleet is conducting regular patrols and law enforcement in waters around the Diaoyu islands. We don’t accept Japan’s protests and representations over that."

  Hong Lei has reaffirmed China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and China has lodged representations asking Japan not to impair China’s national sovereignty. The Japanese government summoned China’s ambassador on Tuesday to make representations against the four Chinese maritime surveillance ships that have been in the Diaoyu waters for half a day.

source :     editor:: Ma Ting
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