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Why can't Chinese girls marry foreigners?   2012-10-23 14:19:00

  Recently, overseas Chinese netizens have been discussing the phrase "foreign F" in a surge of agitation. What does the phrase mean? Basically it refers to a person who gets married with someone from a different ethnic group, including "foreign F males" and "foreign F females" of course. However, the latter are the majority. Therefore the phrase is generally used to describe Chinese girls who married a foreigner.

  Among the many who argue online, most fiercely criticize the phenomenon and accuse that "foreign F females" are worshipers of foreign things; few hold a neutral standpoint. But one thing is certain – that most reviews are male.

  There is a point of view that widely spreads in the online Chinese community: "it is hard to live as a Chinese person in the United States, and even harder as a Chinese man." It is meant to be a funny joke but reflects that many Chinese women do not want to choose a Chinese male.

  From one thing, this is indeed a social problem which has something to do with the long-standing "uglification" of the ethnic Chinese men by the mainstream society. But from another perspective, this reflects a sort of unbalanced mentality of the males in the online Chinese community.

  Reasonably speaking, there is no such principle that an ethnic Chinese woman must marry a Chinese man. Women have the right to choose their own partner, which is only related to love but has nothing to do with race or color. If some foreigners agree with Chinese culture and concepts and appreciate the excellent quality of Chinese women, then it is not a problem for both sides to be happy with each other.

  The fact that Chinese men are not favored is largely caused by the distorted propaganda by the mainstream media. In their eyes, Chinese men are mostly thin and weak, while the white or black men are extremely strong. This situation reflects the racial discrimination in Western society, but fundamentally speaking, most Chinese men also need to look for reasons in themselves for such problem.

  Now we are living in a pluralistic, multi-ethnic society atmosphere, it is necessary to break the innate concepts about marriage in the head and become more open. Since Chinese women can choose man from other races, why cannot Chinese men choose interracial girls?

  Some netizens analyzed that one of the reasons causing the outflow of Chinese women is that most ethnic Chinese boys or Chinese students have a background of science and engineering studies and not so good economic conditions, and they were mostly dealing with machines during the school years, therefore have low EQ and do not understand girls. It is suggested that Chinese men should, at the same time of adapting to the society, not only stay at home or in the laboratory and complain, but go outside. After all, life is more than just those machines.

  In recent years, Chinese males have made outstanding performance in many areas and enjoy a gradually rising status in the society. Associated with the beginning of these changes, what also needs to be changed should be their mentality.


source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Zhang Yan
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