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Nobel Prize gets laureate offers of unwanted gifts   2012-10-18 09:42:00

  Fans of the novelist Mo Yan are criticizing Chinese businessmen whom they accuse of trying to cash in on the novelist's receipt of the Nobel Prize in literature.

  As could be expected following the announcement that Mo had become the first Chinese citizen to win the prestigious award, well-wishers have sent him many messages of support.

  But there have also been two offers of rather extravagant gifts. Chen Guangbiao, a businessman involved in many fields and a philanthropist, has promised to give Mo a villa. And Pei Laifeng, owner of Hancome, a company that makes LED-related products in Zhejiang province, has dangled a Mercedes-Benz in front of him.

  The writer, whose real name is Guan Moye, has politely declined the offers, according to his family. His fans have also not welcomed them.

source : China Daily     editor:: Zhang Yan
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