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Analysis of China's telecomes   2012-10-18 09:11:00

  As cloud computing spreads fast in the Middle East, Chinese telecom-tech giant Huawei aims to lead the development in the Gulf Region, albeit the market is still in its early stages.

  According to a Middle East and Africa (MAE) study conducted by global research firm IDC, 73 percent of the surveyed chief information officers and information technology directors said cloud computers offer significant and measurable benefits, whilst the majority also expects that cloud computing will cut IT costs by 30 to 40 percent in the next three to five years.


  Cloud computing is defined as the sharing of IT recourses like data and information through a pool of hard and software (the cloud data center).

  "It is a cost-saving and energy-efficient use of enterprise capital, because cloud computing reduces the number of servers at a company or it even makes expensive servers disappear," said Joe So, vice president of sales enterprise for the Middle East at Huawei in Dubai, which launched cloud solutions in the region just a year ago.

  Outsourcing data to a cloud and sharing non-sensitive data with other participants can go so far that some firms participating using the cloud simply over the internet without any additional investments in servers or extra hardware.

source : Xinhua     editor:: Zhang Yan
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