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Foreign infant formula products downsize in China   2012-09-26 08:34:00

  The reporter found on Sept. 19 that several foreign infant formula brands reduced the amount of milk powder in each package to 800 grams from previous 900 grams. Foreign formula brands have raised the prices of their products three to four times in the past year alone. No wonder many mothers say they cannot afford increasingly expensive formula.

  The reporter found in a supermarket on Sept. 19 that the prices of the products of foreign formula brands such as Nestle, Allnutria, Biostime, and Murray Goulburn vary between 150 yuan and 390 yuan according to their stages. The price of Nestle Super Energy Stage 1 Formula increased from previous 318 yuan per box to 348 yuan per box. The same product was sold for 380 yuan per box in some other supermarkets, up nearly 20 percent from its previous price.

  Apart from the price rises, the amount of milk powder in each package is also reduced from 900 grams to 800 grams. Obviously, foreign formula brands are raising the already high prices of their products in a disguised form.

  In addition to Nestle Super Energy Formula, the product packages of such foreign formula brands as Allnutria and Murray Goulburn are also labeled 800 grams. A salesperson said that almost all Stage 1, 2, and 3 formula products used to weigh 900 grams, but many foreign brands have slashed the amount to 800 grams. It is likely that all foreign formula products will contain only 800 grams of milk power per package in the future. Domestic formula products remain 900 grams per package, the salesperson added.


source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Zhang Yan
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