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How should we protect Diaoyu Islands?   2012-09-19 09:01:00

  Irrational behaviors not conducive to protecting Diaoyu Islands

  The belief that more than half of Japanese factories will be forced to close if all Chinese stop buying Japanese goods just for one day, and Japan's pillar industries will collapse completely if all Chinese stop buying Japanese goods just for half a month is nothing but an illusion.

  The vandalization of compatriots’ legitimate property by a large number of so-called patriots is a pure humiliation for a civilized society based on the rule of law, and can only hurt one’s compatriots.

  Insane fists cannot frighten off arrogant and vicious dogs. Expressing “patriotism” by venting one’s anger on compatriots’ property can only gladden enemies, place the country in a passive position in diplomacy, and leave compatriots heartbroken.


source : Xinhua     editor:: Zhang Yan
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