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Chinese have less worship of US elections   2012-09-10 08:35:00

  With US President Barack Obama's nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate on September 6, the US presidential election officially kicked off. As one of the most active and most widely watched campaigns in the world, the US election draws a lot of attention. The American people regard it as a class on "democracy" for the world. And it's certainly the most prominent in the Western world.

  Objectively, the US would not enjoy its prosperity without the overall success of its political system. However, the US political system has been shaped by its history and evolved out of a long process of historical trial.

  The US presidential election has a major influence in China. Generally speaking, many Chinese people are very envious of the US presidential election, as well as the US political system.

  Nevertheless, some people confused the US system with its prosperity and lifestyle. There are some defects attached to the US system. But the Chinese majority doesn't take it as a "bad" system.

  At the same time, however, China's blind worship of the US system, as in the early days of reform and opening-up, is already over. Chinese mainstream society has recognized that China cannot mechanically apply the US experiences due to different national conditions.

source : Global Times     editor:: Zhang Yan
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