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How much will we continue to pay for "face saving?"   2012-09-07 08:26:00

Private cars turn into "burdens"

  According to relevant data, Hong Kong has a population of more than 7 million but has only more than 600,000 cars. Dalian has a population of the same size, but has more than 1 million cars. Are people of Dalian richer than people of Hong Kong? The answer is “no.” Then, why Dalian has more cars than Hong Kong? Blind excessive consumption probably is a reason.

  Many people hastily go to apply for a driving license and buy a new car when they see others buying a car. After they have bought it, they always drive it wherever they go to experience the joy of driving. However, after the driving enthusiasm fades, the car turns into a burden for them.

  Cars turning into burdens are reflected in several aspects. First, it is hard to park the car. The underground garage of our company and the parking lot around our office building have less than 160 parking spaces in total, but the people of the building have more than 300 cars. Therefore, the one who wants to drive to work must arrive at the building one hour earlier. Otherwise, they will not be able to find a parking space. Second, economically, buying a car is really not a good choice. Having a car means paying various bills, including the gasoline, road toll and insurance premium. The money spending is like water flowing. Third, currently, the control on drunk driving is extremely strict and the driver dare not drink wine in a party or dare not drive after they drink wine.

  I have a good friend. His child has left the local city to go to university and he does not have many "social activities." Therefore, having a car does not have too much significance for him. However, he got involved in the car-buying tide anyway. When he first got the car, he often drove it around. A short period later, his driving enthusiasm passed away. In addition, the traffic jam always occurred. Therefore, his car turned into a piece of furniture. However, car is not like other pieces of furniture which do not need to be taken care of. Therefore, he has to drive it out periodically to make sure everything of the car is normal. He told me bitterly, "I really should not have bought the car. It is a waste of both money and my energy. It is a pity to sell it, but it is almost useless to keep it. Blind consumption is really a kind of waste."

source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Zhang Yan
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