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China must be ready for conflict with Japan   2012-08-23 12:08:00
Japan's National Police Agency said Tuesday that if Chinese activists land on the Diaoyu Islands again, it will prosecute them. Chinese activists are planning new trips to the Diaoyu Islands, and will not be stopped because of Japan's warning. Japan's threat in fact signifies another round of escalation in the Diaoyu crisis.

The Chinese government should make full preparations for conflict over Diaoyu. The Diaoyu crisis has become irreconcilable after being pushed by Japan's right-wing forces. The tacit consensus between China and Japan that they won't expand the conflict has been broken. Confrontation has dominated the situation. It's impossible for the Chinese government to make a one-sided compromise, as that would deal a catastrophic blow to its credibility.

The Chinese government has to follow public opinion and contend with Japan for control of the Diaoyu Islands. Strategically, that's risky for China, but that's what it has to take.

The Chinese public isn't looking to get back the Diaoyu Islands immediately. But they cannot endure the arrogance and aggressiveness shown by Japan in the Diaoyu Islands conflict. It's the public wish and demand that the government decisively fight against Japan's provocations and make progress in safeguarding the sovereignty of Diaoyu.
source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Alice
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