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Netizens blast Youku over child porn videos   2012-07-26 12:26:00


  Netizens criticize Youku for suspected distribution of child porn videos. (Youku screenshots)

  Edited and translated by Yan Meng, People's Daily Online (stock code YOKU), known as the first brand of Chinese online video industry, has been criticized by some Chinese netizens for distributing child porn videos.

  According to a report from People’s Daily Online, a netizen uploaded a large number of images on the Chinapic online community of People’s Daily Online Figure community today to question Youku whether it has the moral bottom line.

  The netizen whose name is “Bullshit”, uploaded a large number of video screenshots and website screenshots of Youku featuring naked children.

  According to “Bullshit”, the ID that uploaded the videos on Youku is suspected of spreading pornographic contents. Uploaded to sections named "Baby Show" or "Maternal and Child Channel”, as many as 68 videos feature naked young girls, close-up of their sensitive parts; moreover, provocative words like “young girls taking bath" and "nude" are used as titles to attract viewers. Youku editors collected nearly 100 such videos and publicly spread them.

  In these videos, some young girls wear makeup and some are arranged in different scenarios, causing some netizens suspect that certain people may have deliberately produced and spread these videos. "Looking at the innocent children, I feel very distressed!" "Bullshit" said, "Each of these videos have received up to hundreds of thousands of hits, and a lot of Internet users left comments on the pages to accuse the video shooters who show no respect to the privacy of children; they also expressed indignation for the intentional distribution of child porn. I hope that the relevant administrative departments can address this problem quickly. "

source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Alice
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