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Fine and elegant "water-dripping" bed of Tujia nationality   2012-07-24 10:57:00

  With a poetic name and a yearning for happiness, the "water-dripping" bed has been existing in the region of Tujia nationality for centuries. In the hearts of unmarried youths, it symbolizes happiness and is regarded as the supreme dream accessing to a wonderful life.

  As embodiment of happiness, the "water-dripping" bed is used as the marriage bed. The groom's side will engage a senior carpenter to have the bed custom-made. The edge of the "water-dripping" bed looks like the eaves which are used to drop water, standing for the source of life and indicating flourishing and thriving. Thereby, it is also called the bed of "reproducing the younger generation". The "water-dripping" bed falls into two categories according to different making methods and the only difference is that there is a treadle in one of them. The bed with an extra treadle has another name called "chuyibu" bed, which means setting feet on the treadle before approaching the bed. No matter in which category, both are secret places for couples to bear younger generations.

source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Ivy
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