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China's famous instant noodle brand hit by quality scandal   2012-07-18 15:19:00

  The Henan Administration for Industry and Commerce (HAIC) found during a routine spot check of instant noodles in May that several batches of several instant noodle products produced by Jin Mai Lang Food Company contain excessive acid value, according to media reports.

  "Food safety is a top priority for food companies. The food safety crisis is a deadly blow to Jin Mai Lang," said a person close to the matter.

  According to a statement published on the company's official website, it set up an investigation group on July 11, and is applying to authoritative agencies for re-examination. Any further information on the matter will be disclosed to the public immediately, it promised.

  "We have sent products involved to relevant agencies for inspection," said Hou Xinggui, assistant to the president of the company. As for the media report of the company's office of combating fake products refuting the HAIC's findings, Hou said that he had no knowledge of it, and would contact the head of the office for detailed information.

  Possibly unsafe instant noodles still on sale in Beijing's supermarkets

  After detecting excessive acid value in some of Jin Mai Lang's products during the May spot check, the HAIC sent a testing report to and imposed a fine on the company. Jin Mai Lang accepted the fine.

  Over one month later, the "unsafe instant noodles" were exposed by the media. However, Jin Mai Lang only conducted a second inspection, and failed to recall the products involved from supermarkets, posing a safety hazard to consumers.

  After a field survey of Beijing's major supermarkets, the reporter found that Jin Mai Lang had not taken its possibly unsafe products off supermarket shelves. Even some famous supermarkets in the capital are still selling those products.

  Hou said he was not clear about whether the company had taken the products involved off supermarket shelves. "I am waiting for officials at the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and will let you know if I have any further information. There is nothing else I can say," Hou told the reporter.


source : People's Daily Online     editor:: Diana
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