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"China risks" claim groundless   2012-01-17 22:59:00

A small number of Western media have played up a claim that major risks from China in the future will stem from regional security matters rather than economic issues.

That is nothing but a groundless statement.

Among those making the claim is the Eurasia Group, a leading global political risk research and consulting firm. The firm has listed China as being among the top 10 risks for 2012.

The "China risks" claim is simply groundless and untenable. That's because a peaceful and prosperous China will not pose any threat to world peace and stability. Rather, it can bring about more development opportunities.

During the past year, despite facing stiff headwinds from a sluggish world economy and a festering eurozone debt crisis, China has continued to push forward economic and trade cooperation with its neighbors, adding a bright spot to the bleak growth picture.

The robust regional cooperation between China and its neighbors serves as an outstanding example of regional economic integration and also functions as a buffer against global economic risks.

On top of that, China has remained committed to the path of peaceful development and a win-win strategy of opening up while pursuing its own development.

A good-neighbor policy has always dominated China's efforts in its handling of relations with neighboring countries in order to build a harmonious Asia and a harmonious world at large.

Actions speak louder than words. China has strictly abided by its peaceful development policy.

China and Russia in June established a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. One month later, China and the 10 ASEAN members reached further agreement on the implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.

source : Xinhua     editor:: Ma Ting
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