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US, China can save the world   2009-10-14 10:29:00

Turning plastic rubbish into harmless waste, creating super fuels that don't pollute the environment and creating special drugs that can cure baffling diseases.

The next golden age of biotech breakthroughs depends on the collaboration between China and San Francisco.

This was the inspiring message Deputy Mayor of San Francisco Michael Cohen gave business people in Beijing yesterday.

"I truly believe the age of biology will be centered in China and the western coast of the United States," he said on his first day of a 7-day visit.

"There are incredible opportunities both for the City of San Francisco and for China to grab during this historic time."

He said China and the US could team up to save the world.

The deputy mayor of the most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area - home to the world's largest center for bio- and green tech companies - wants more Chinese companies to establish offices in his city, which is considered as the gateway for Chinese businesses looking to enter the North American market.

"We are focusing on biotech, life science, financial services, information technology, as well as real estate opportunities, because they are of great interest to China and are the backbone of San Francisco's economy," he said.

source : China Daily     editor:: Ivy
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